Home Decorating: Milk Paint Ideas to Consider

Homeowners who like the idea of using products that do not contain toxic ingredients would do well to consider the merits of milk paint. This water-based solution is great for making some changes to the home’s interior without having to put up with the smell and other drawbacks of more traditional paint products. Here are some ideas of how to put the milk paint to good use.

Sponge Painting a Wall or Two

Does the idea of adding an accent wall to a room seem good? One way to manage the task with ease is to choose a color of milk paint that works well with the existing wall color. Adding a little more water to the powder creates a thinner product that is ideal for sponge or rag painting. Instead of rolling the product on the wall, the sponge or knotted rag is dipped in the mixture and then daubed on the wall. Continue daubing until the wall is covered. The emerging design adds visual interest to the space and still blends in with the single color on the other walls.

How About Painting Furniture?

Finding a beautiful piece of vintage wood furniture and adding it to a room is an excellent idea. One way to give the piece new life is to sand off the old finish and apply a coat of milk paint to the raw surface. Pick up one of the minor colors already in use in the space and watch how this strategy makes that color stand out more prominently.

Don’t Forget the Wall Art

There are plenty of milk paint ideas that involve changing the appearance of different kinds of wall art. Use the product to change the color of picture frames, decorative shelving, mirror frames, and even wrought iron pieces that have been thoroughly cleaned. The right choice of colors ensures these elements bring something different and interesting to the look of the entire room.

Spend some time identifying a few ways that milk paint could be used to give the room a fresh look. It won’t take long to come up with a solution that the homeowner will love for years to come.