I took Accutane for 6 months 2 years ago. My acne was very mild but my dermatologist put me on 40mg per day in the first two months and 80 mg per day for the following accutane 80 mg months.

I was 165lbs at the time. My acne was completely clear after the first week. 165lbs is about 75kg so the standard dose for a patient this weight would be 75mg. However, 5mg tablets are not available in all countries and it would be normal to prescribe 80mg to a patient weighing 75mg. Side effects are generally dose-related, but 5mg would not make a big difference. Accutane has many potential side effects but this must be balanced against the fact it is the most effective acne treatment available.

These side effects are described in great detail in the literature enclosed with the tablets. It is licenced for severe acne, but may also be used for milder acne which is persistant, leaving scars or causing distress to the patient. These grow back very slowly, by which time the patient has nearly always outgrown their tendancy to acne. This is why your skin is still dry. I highly recommend either Cetaphil or La Roche-Posay products for skin fragilised by acne treatments. For dry lips I find Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream much better than Vaseline.

Although your skin was clear after one week, Accutane must be taken for  16-24 weeks to lead to a permanent remission from acne. If you had stopped taking it before then, your acne would certainly have returned. Thank you for responding to my message. I am getting very skeptical now that my oil will ever come back. I have been off accutane for almost 3 years and there is no oil ever on the surface of my skin.