I had advanced stage adrenal fatigue. Once I augmentin compresse dosaggio to feel funny, i went to see a family doctor and did check up. The doc said i was tired.

Now I am getting out of AF. The last two i would like to get back asap. I feel that these two problems connected. Below is blood test I took last fall. I had digestive issues that time.

I tried Fo-Ti with another herb that acupuncture practitioner suggested i did some acupuncture too. I did not see changes stopped after 3 months. I did not see changes with horny goat weed. How long this should be taken to see result? A TSH 5 is at the upper limit of normal under the old standards and very high under current standards, which has an upper limit of 3. The high TSH would indicate hypothyroidism, which could account for some of the symptoms. Most of those symptoms are hypothyroid symptoms, which can result from hypoadrenalism.