OEM Solutions is more a custom design shop then an off-the-shelf benadryl pomada onde comprar. What we do, is work one-on-one with your design team and together we will build the machine that best fits your needs.

Dashboard Devices has been building one-off custom machines for a long time and now we are happy to baseĀ future designs on the ENV Systems. Knowing that our customers want more we have a full range of CPU’s we are able to work with from the low-power Geode and VIA chips to the more powerful Core2Duo and the new Atom. We also have ties to many companies that are able to support the intergration of off-the-shelf products to full on custom designs to work with our systems. Weather you want to make a simple plugin that works with our interface or already have software that you use and want to only embed it into our frontend we already support intergration either way.

We can even provide an SDK with examples for your team to start on your plugin right away. This gives you two independently controllable zones in which one or two users could use the system from two different displays at the same time. Have either video cameras on the second display or being both are full Touchscreen you could have an interactive interface on both displays at the same time helping the user get all the information they need at a glance. The ENV-XC and ENV-LT are designed to work in all automotive environments and even have a harddrive heater for cold-weather conditions. The system automatically powers on when you start your ignition and the programmable shutdown timer allows you to choose how long your system will stay powered when you turn your ignition off. With bootup sounds, Button click sounds all changable by you the designer, the complete look can be easily changed to fit your companies style, ask us more. Who wouldn’t want their own Knight Rider?

The ENV-XC and ENV-LT are truly the power house in today’s automotive infotainment options! Intel Core 2 Duo processor 1. Intel Core 2 Duo U5700 1. Add-ons are only limited by what your design team can dream up.

Or you may want a Tire Pressure Monitor, we are looking into this and you may see it as an add-on offered by Dashboard Devices in the near future. Click to view Software Demo v3. The link you used to get here is faulty. It’s an excellent idea to let the link owner know.