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Also, you may find what you’re looking for if you try searching below. Please try Yahoo Help Central if you need more assistance. Navigate through the photo gallery below to view some of our finest customer properties! Period of time coached 1997 – April 2008         Personal Best 89. I coached Jarrod Bannister for 11 years as a 12 year old in Townsville until April 2008, where he produced a new Australian Open Record, Oceania Record and the longest throw in the Southern Hemisphere of 89. I lived in Townsville Queensland on two occasions and coached in the High Performance Athletic Centre at Pimlico High School run by Gary Cairns.

The Centre produced many high performing athletes, such as Tim Paravaccini, Julie Bennell and Carly Cairns. The development of Jarrod Bannister, through his early period as a teenager with some physical qualities but very poor technical model, was long and time consuming. Jarrod came from a background in North Queensland that saw him win most events on raw talent and little training. The technical model that I employed with Jarrod included rotational movements which needed to be learnt and honed in. From 2005-2008, a full time effort went into the development of all aspects of training.

Weekly training included up to 21 sessions, from weight training, power development, throwing balls and javelins, drills, sprinting and bounding. Over the 3 yrs between 2005-8, Jarrod made a 5 metre improvement each year. In 2006 Jarrod threw a personal best in the Commonwealth Games in Melbourne and continued in 2007 to post 83. 70 winning the National Championships in Brisbane.