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Um dich mit Dezi-Ray zu verbinden, registriere dich noch heute für Facebook. I am a boston terrier who came to live in my forever home when I was two years old. Frankie Joy, she’s the cheerleader of the pack and the next to the oldest. Johnnie Cakes, she’s the “sweetheart” and only three months younger than Frankie . My brother Lucas was born in September of 1999 and he died of bone cancer in November of 2011.

He was twelve years old and the bestest brother ever. I love him and miss him so much. My sister Rocky Sue was born in June of 1998 and she died in July of 2011. She had just become a teenager.

She was a beautiful, wonderful sister with a lot of patience for me. She had an exuberant bounce to her walk . I have now learned how to walk that way . I love her and miss her too . My sister Johnnie was found to have Chronic Kidney Disease in September of 2011 .

She’s still as goofy as ever. My other sister, Frankie Joy . I got a lot to learn from her. Now the three of us – me, Johnnie and Frankie – still LOVE to play with each other, chase each other, play tug and Holey Roley in particular. My sister Johnnie Cakes, seven days after her 11th birthday, joined my brother Lucas and my sister Rocky Sue. Now it is just me and Frankie Joy . Frankie is missing Johnnie, because they were “sweet hearts” together.

It’s a sad day in our house today. But we had the full on, full blown “Johnnie Experience” and BOY! I have a new baby sister! Her name is Miss Lily and she came to be a part of our family on March 28, 2012. She is an American Staffordshire Terrier Bull Dog mix . She had her first birthday on Dec.

She is the Cheerleader of the Family. She is eleven and a half years old now. When she was about 3 years old, she had 13 teeth pulled from her mug and has only two teeth left . Level 4 or Stage 4 Subluxation.