Juan Pablo Montoya and Ryan Newman? And what to keppra σιροπι τιμη at Daytona in July? Jamie Mac on the Martinsville pole, but what about the tires? Kyle Busch: 90 NASCAR touring victories?

Jennifer Jo Cobb: I won’t start-and-park! Should chase drivers have their own point system? The 12: Who will win this year’s NASCAR championship? Some interest numbers have been written down on beer napkins over the many seasons at watering holes around the NASCAR tour. But none perhaps quite as strange as the ones scribbled down back in 1975 when the late Bob Latford, the legendary stock car racing PR man, came up with the NASCAR scoring system now used for so many years to determine the sport’s championship. Maybe it’s time to rethink it. The question that triggered this seems simple enough: Should the 12 NASCAR championship chase drivers have their own separate scoring system for the 10-race playoffs?

After all, those 12 are essentially racing each other for the title. So just how much of a role should the other 31 drivers actually be allowed to play in the chase? And it comes up just as NASCAR executives are pondering whether or not to tweak the playoffs for 2011. The bottom line in all this is simple: First and foremost, NASCAR should be encouraging drivers to lead laps and win races.