Violators will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Sincere Thanks to our Vets and Cooperating Humane Organizations. Alley Cat Allies is the keppra prospektüsü national advocacy organization dedicated to the protection and humane treatment of cats.

The animals need all of us and more. Our sincere thanks to our humane veterinarians who are invaluable partners in animal welfare who have helped us throughout the years. Samaritan Maria in East Boston who alerted us to a thin, badly wounded cat who had come to her house to eat. Rumor had it that this cat came from Suffolk Downs Race Track in Revere and was wandering to eat between Suffolk Downs, Maria’s house and the Orient Heights Dunkin Donuts. We didn’t know whether it was from a barbed wire fence, a hawk, a coyote or how it happened.

After he was trapped, MassPAWS brought him to their vet at the Revere Pet Clinic  where he received over 60 sutures to close his wounds. The day after his  initial surgery, his paw blew up with an unseen wound that had abscessed . After 2 surgeries, drains for his wounds, TLC and lots of antibiotics, Scarface showed his gratitude by head-butting  staff and using his paws to reach out and to play. He was named “Pacino”, after the legendary character in the movie Scarface. Pacino is now recuperating, resting, playing, grooming himself, and eating up a storm regaining weight. We are thrilled that Bryson has been adopted!