Is NASCAR losing credibility among its fans? Talladega: NASCAR needs to do something. So crew chief Steve Addington helps Kyle Busch lipitor 20 fiyatı 12 tour winsand then abruptly gets dumped by the Gibbs? So NASCAR racing is now ‘too safe,’ and no longer a death-defying sport?

And that’s the reason for lower TV ratings? Why is Chevrolet still saying ‘No! Maybe blame it on President Obama? Jimmie Johnson for this NASCAR title, what would Dale do? Can a girl with pink hair make it work on the track at Daytona?

Growing up in town here, it’s hard to miss the world of NASCAR. And if you’re looking for an unusual souvenir, that Florida-bungalow home over on Peninsula Drive where Bill France Sr. NASCAR papers in 1948 is for sale. So Alli Owens, just like so many from around here, has decided to take a shot at a career in racing. 20-year-old woman — with a new pink streak in her hair — in a man’s, man’s, man’s world. But then Owens’ game plan is strictly business.

She’s not just another pretty face trying to become bankable. Saturday afternoon here she gets to show that, when she takes her plan to the next level, running Eddie D’Hondt’s new Toyota in the ARCA 200. Yes, NASCAR’s newest manufacturer is playing its cards quite coolly in NASCAR, with a subtle yet quite direct marketing game, pushing the Alan Kulwicki model, in ventures like Owens’. NASCAR’s car-of-tomorrow obsoleting that fleet of 400 excellent Cup cars, which are now ARCA machines. And D’Hondt has taken advantage of his Petty Enterprises connections, and the mass firings over there, to put together a pretty good looking crew for Owens this season.

NASCAR’s diversity pushes, the women-in-racing issue is still ripe for debate. However Owens seems different from the typical ‘diversity’ player. She’s moved from Daytona to Mooresville, to make it work. This is it, full-time,” she says. And our car this year is absolutely amazing.