The Complaint reads more like the outline for a TV Mini-Series than a lawsuit, and like all good drama, there are mobic compresse bugiardino that there will be plenty of plot twists before the last commercial pops up on the screen. Well, here are my first random thoughts. Well, for me, the first question I had after I read the Complaint was who’s paying for this?

A 114 page Complaint isn’t something that gets whipped together over a weekend, and after talking with some folks, I think that it would be fair to estimate that a minimum of 300-400 hours went into this document. Not just the writing, but the research and the thinking about how to craft a document like this. That’s 300-400 of legal time by lawyers who bill by the hundreds of dollars PER HOUR. There are 5 separate lawyers names attached to this Complaint including a Harvard Law Professor, and even if the lawyers think that Spence-Jones has a great case, they still would expect to get a chunk of money up front to take this on. And that’s just to get to this point.

The real cat fight begins now, and will go on for probably most of this year as these lawyers fight over issues of discovery and depositions and all of the rest of the pre-trial stuff that involves a case of this magnitude, and all of that will cost real money. So, again, where’s the money coming from? Sister Spence-Jones got a check for back pay when she was reinstated to the City Commission, and she probably used a portion of that as a down payment since she was talking about this lawsuit back then, but since she doesn’t seem to have outside employment, and her husband doesn’t seem to be much more than a House Husband, you got to wonder. That got me to digging around and somehow – perhaps because it all happened before I got interested in City politics – I discovered that Sister Spence-Jones has had experience in passing the collection plate around at a revival meeting where the amount collected was not revealed. Perhaps not surprising, this led to an Ethics Complaint, a Settlement Agreement and Letter Of Reprimand.

You just can’t make this shit up. Sarnoff, in his role of Chairman of the DDA appointed Lydecker to a position on the DDA Board. I mention that now as one of the 2 Degrees of Separation that will become an evident part of the larger story related to this lawsuit. After Spence-Jones got slapped with the Letter Of Reprimand, she applied to the Ethics Commission for a legal opinion on setting up a Blind Trust Legal Defense Fund, and got slapped down for that. So will we see Sister Spence-Jones sets up some sort of Legal Defense Fund? Or has she already done so? For some this lawsuit will be seen as making Sister Spence-Jones bullet-proof against any sort of counter attack by Fernandez-Rundle.