Providing quality therapy services in the Chicagoland area since 1989. Is Lok-Adalat efficient enough to bring a change in the litigation field of India. Point out to them permanent lok adalat order the normal winner is often a loser in fees, expenses, cost and time.

Lok-Adalat has symbolized a human sensitive forum to provide amicable, speedy, cheap justice by adopting informal procedure and avoiding technicalities. Present Research Paper has attempted the history and development of Lok-Adalat in India. An analysis has been made on potential utility of Lok-Adalat as one of the ADR tools. Resolution of disputes is an essential characteristic for societal peace, amity, comity and harmony and easy access to justice. The procession formalization of justice as existing in Courts takes time and involves considerable amount of expenditure.

The system of non-formal legal institutions has prevailed in India since ancient times. The barrier in the way of implementation of socio-economic legislations like The Legal  Services Authorities Act, 1987  and its complementary Rules enacted by state  governments is not the Indian law system rather those who run it. The institution of Lok Adalat in India, as the very name suggests, means, People’s Court. Lok” stands for “people” and the term “Adalat” means court.