TAAG To EZE, Another Non Sense Routing? In a sequel to the Iran Air flights to Caracas, the governments of Argentina taag luanda habana precios Angola expects AR and Angolan TAAG could sign an agreement to start flights between Luanda and Ezeiza, probably with similar results. Although there are no details yet, I would assume the metal for this flight should be TAAG since AR doesn’t precisely have spare aircraft to fly empty to Africa.

The official agenda of Cristina Kirchner will be a meeting with President Dos Santos, in the group will participate Argentina’s president, ministers, and one hundred entrepreneurs. In addition to agreements on energy issues, it is expected the signing of an agreement between Aerolineas Argentinas and the state-owned TAAG Angola Airlines to sell tickets there for that company in Buenos Aires and then establish a direct flight to Luanda. Please insert a “smart” joke here. I think there is a big difference here compared to the IR example. AR’s relationship with TAAG allows for onward connections throughout Africa, a continent not served by AR. Also, keep in mind that stronger political relationships usually translate into stronger business ties which should help stimulate traffic.

There is not enough demand in a market with very few people with money to travel, and the few that effectively travel, have other destinations as priority like Europe, or even Brazil in this case since at least both countries have the same language. Could there be some oil traffic between the two countries? Thus though the Angolan population may be poor, the country isn’t. Load factors don’t have to be high to run a profitable service. Fares to LAD can be extremely high. And SA already takes care of that traffic flying JNB-EZE. YPF has no business in Angola so far and Sonangol has no business in Argentina AFAIK.