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Rangarajan, author of over 100 novels, 250 short stories, ten books on science, ten stage plays, and a slim volume of poems. He was one of the most popular writers in Tamil literature, and a regular contributor to topical columns in Tamil periodicals such as Ananda Vikatan, and Kalki. Credit: The above description is from Sujatha’s wikipedia entry. As we can see, herbs are often claimed to have dangerous adverse effects that do not really exist.

The FDA commonly does this in an attempt to gain more control over herbs, which helps them to protect their illegal investments in pharmaceutical companies, and to protect their cozy relationship. As with chaparral, kava was also given a false reputation of causing cases of hepatitis. Kava refers to the INNER ROOT of the kava plant. Kava has been used for centuries as both medicine and as a mind altering drug, when specially prepared.

And for centuries it has had a reputation of being quite safe, except when abused. By this I mean extremely high doses over a period of time. Overuse by kava addicts can lead to thickening and peeling of the skin. This has never been seen in normal use of kava capsules. A few years back though, there were actually cases of hepatitis appearing out of nowhere in people taking kava supplements.